Major Effects of Hail Damage

Hail is one of those atmospheric events that just seems to come out of nowhere.  One minute you could be driving your car down the road enjoying a beautiful sunny day then all of a sudden the sky opens up raining hail down on your beautiful automobile.  Moments later your peaceful drive is interrupted because you are on the phone looking for someone to help you with hail damage repair lakewood co.

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What makes up a hail storm?

A hail storm starts in the upper atmosphere when a thunderstorm begins to form.    The small hail balls bounce around like lottery balls in the upper atmosphere knocking into each other, increasing in mass before they are too heavy for the clouds to hold them causing them to fall to the Earth below. 

When the hail stones fall to the ground they strike whatever surface they come in contact with like little stones.  Fortunately, the majority of hail stones are small and will do little damage, but in some cases they will be the size of a medium rock which have been known to do a lot of damage.

One of the most common reports of damage when dealing with hail is that of busted windshields and dented metal to peoples cars.  Those who reported the most significant damage stated that the hail stones were the size of golf balls, and when they struck their car it was one of the most frightening things they have ever experienced.

When dealing with hail, experts suggest that you first check the weather to see if there is a chance for hail.  They also suggest that you keep your vehicle in a garage away from windows that could shatter from striking hail stones.  If however you do experience damage to your car from hail it is important to take pictures of all the incurred damage, report it to your insurance company and locate a reputable company to repair the damage.