Most Common Problems with a Boat

Your boat is designed to provide many lasting years of water fun, but that isn’t to say mishaps won’t occur along the way that disrupt the day-to-day activities of the boat and your fun. Read below to learn more about the most common issues boat owners face and what to do should they occur to you.

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·    Boat Won’t Start: A boat that won’t start is a big problem but it’s also common. One of the biggest culprits is due to electrical issues within the boat. Check the kill switch first. Tighten up screws if they’re loose and then clean the ignition system components.

·    Boat Won’t Shift: If the boat won’t shift out of neutral, you’re pretty helpless out on the water. But, it’s yet another common obstacle that stands in the way of fun for many boat owners.

·    Water Rising: If a bilge pump strains under pressure, the boat may feel heavier than normal since you’re likely adding unchecked water into the picture. This is oftentimes an easy fix by simply draining the plug, but this solution doesn’t always prove beneficial.

·    Can’t Steer the Boat: Not being able to steer the boat is one of the worst problems a boat owner fan endure. Whether the boat steering wheels locks into place or simply fails to control the boat, it’s a big concern. Low Hydraulic fluid could cause this problem, so look out for leaks. Tighten the fitting if there is fluid leaking elsewhere.

If any of the above issues come into play in your life, remember that many great attwood replacement parts are available to ender the problem resolved. Some problems are DIY repairs while others need expert help. Recognize the signs and make sure the boat repairs you need are made on a timely basis.